A blog in 2024? Are you kidding me?! Hear me out

It's never too late... right?

My resolution for every year in the last decade has been to (finally) publish a website.

Tell me if you've heard this before: I (Justin) happily bought several domains themed around my name in 2010, imagined the possibilities, and then let them sit for over a decade (we're now almost 40% into the second decade). I parked domains on myself.

This blog feed is a way to fix that.

Two steps too many

When I wrote down my goals for the site, they were:

  1. I wanted to own my content
  2. I wanted posting to be easy. Like not just easy, but dead simple.

Yep... That was it.

If you thought those were simple enough... You don't know how well I can procrastinate (see above: domain parking myself).

Getting ghosted

I first stumbled upon Ghost when Casey Newton's Platformer moved to it.

At first, it didn't seem like a good fit—isn't it over-engineering if I use what a publication uses? Nope. I was wrong. And if I had done some more digging, I could've launched this weeks ago.

Ghost is unbelievably simple. The interface is like a better version of Medium's (I would link an example but it's hidden behind a paywall).

Ghost's editor is lightweight and very well done. It makes me want to write.

But we've all bought that journal that makes us want to write too, haven't we? BE HONEST.

So, after several a few hours of tinkering around, I have a Ghost site up and running.

For appearances, let's pretend I chose the default theme in the hope of keeping things easy. There definitely weren't themes purchased that went unused (definitely not) because I absolutely, methodically planned this out from the very beginning. Side note: that last part was a lie.

Welcome, welcome, welcome

I'll be posting here when it makes sense. Or until I get lazy and just let it devolve into my own personal meme farm.

Either way: welcome to a blog... in 2024!

Continuing with the theme, I think in 2025 my goals will be to:

  • Upgrade to Windows 98
  • Subscribe to AOL

If you made it this far, thanks for reading 😀

~ Justin